When it matters most.

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Your entrepreneurial partner.

Saxenhammer & Co. is a leading boutique investment bank in Continental Europe. The firm’s strong track record is comprised of the execution of 200 successful transactions across all major industries.

We advise entrepreneurs, corporates and investors. Our advice includes mergers, capital raisings, secondaries, exits and divestitures.

We are comitted to results-oriented advice with a can-do approach to each transaction. We work persistently to achieve results that exceed expectations.

We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit, our creativity, our perseverance, and a high speed execution. This is our DNA for more than 20 years.

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Passionate about tech

Passionate about tech

When the future of your company is concerned, you want an entrepreneurial partner by your side. A partner when it really matters.

Committed to your success.

Our team for your result.

Our team for your result.

we are

Acting Global with Local Partners.

Our network of boutique investment banks across the world ensures direct access to investors in all relevant economic regions. In addition, joint mandates facilitate cross-border transactions as well as covering multinational transactions, which involve subsidiaries in several jurisdictions.

CDI Global

Saxenhammer & Co. is a proud member of the CDI Global network, which consists of 50 offices in 25 countries worldwide. Since 1973, CDI Global has dedicated its resources and expertise to serving the middle market, delivering over 1,6000 transactions worldwide across multiple industry sectors. CDI Global has 14 dedicated industry expert groups focussing on:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Packaging
  • Energy, Utilities, Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Household Goods
  • Retail
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Industrial Services. Suppliers & Logistic (Shipping)
  • Fashion & Leisure
  • Chemicals
  • Infrastructure, Construction & Materials

We are committed to the CDI Global industry expert groups and actively share and benefit from the knowledge and experience of all network partners.

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Our Latest Transactions.

When it matters most

When it matters most

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08 2019

Saxenhammer & Co. advises on the sale of Gärtner Pötschke to DROEGE Group

07 2019

Saxenhammer & Co. advised on the sale of TrustBills to FinTech Studio

07 2019

Saxenhammer & Co. advises on the sale of EUROS to TPI Composites Inc.

01 2019

Saxenhammer & Co. advises a group of investors including Crosslantic in the acquisition of Hakle from palero