Venture Capital and German Fin-Tech Startups

In an article in the Handelsblatt, Christian Saxenhammer provides insights into the investment motives of venture capital and corporate investors.

Handelsblatt / 2019.09.26

An important component for startups to grow is currently available and in abundance: venture capital. Venture capital investors and incumbent players are pushing for new opportunities to invest in young companies, as the low interest rate environment otherwise promises them hardly any return. Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Director of Saxenhammer & Co., explains the investment motives of large corporations: “Investors are not only seeking for the highest return on investment, but also asses the targets from a stregical point of view. Big corporate investors try to acquire the digital know-how of these highly innovative startups.” The investments of established companies often offer more than capital, they help the startups to expand its customer base and to enter into strategic partnerships.

Read full article, here.


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