Technological Change and a New Wave of Takeovers in the German Automotive Sector

Interview with Christian Saxenhammer in the specialist magazine, Automobil Industrie, about takeovers in the German automotive sector.

Automobil Industrie / 2019.04.05

Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Director of Saxenhammer & Co., provides insights into the current consolidation of the medium-sized supply industry. He knows which trades are under the most pressure and why Made in Germany is still convincing. The number of M&A transactions in the automotive sector will rise due to technological change, which is particularly evident in the switch to electric propulsion: “It naturally affects companies in the powertrain sector in particular. That’s where the pressure is greatest at the moment. But I believe that, unrelated to that, there is a trend towards size. The OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers want to deal with larger units in order to have more stable partners. They need to have a certain financial strength for new technologies and a global footprint. A medium-sized company with a turnover of 100 million euros cannot afford this.”

Read the full interview, here.


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