Saxenhammer & Co. acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Sawade GmbH on its sale to Fintura Corporate Finance GmbH


Saxenhammer & Co. acted as sell-side advisor to Sawade GmbH, a traditional producer of high-quality handmade chocolate and confectionery products.

Sawade was founded in 1880 as the first chocolate manufacturer in Berlin and quickly advanced to becoming a supplier to the royal court for Prince George of Prussia.

The company’s first shop for fine homemade chocolates, confectionery and sweets was opened on the renowned boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin. Since then, Sawade produced high quality and handmade chocolate and confectionery products and its five prominent branches can be found at prestigious addresses all around Berlin. The brand embodies traditional values that underline the noble and sophisticated products.

Sawade’s clientele consists of loyal Berliners as well as tourists who are naturally attracted to the traditional brand, as it is located in highly frequented locations, such as the famous KaDeWe or the Bergmannkiez. The established brand is furthermore complemented by cooperations with the world-class Hotel Adlon.

Sawade GmbH

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