New Desire to Buy Digital: Growing Interest in Digital Companies

Christian Saxenhammer comments, in article in the Unternehmer Edition, on the incentives of strategic M&A. / 2019.09.18

The dynamics of the digital transformation is also expressed in the attractiveness of new business models. Beyond the application of digital standards, it is important for traditional companies to generate their own USPs. Medium-sized companies are trying to gain new impetus through acquisitions and direct or indirect shareholdings. For months now, there has been actionism among large companies and established medium-sized businesses. Discussions about future topics such as autonomous driving, digital marketing, e-commerce or Internet of Things have made it clear to many companies that they lack the technologies and people needed for the transformation. For this reason, companies – but also family offices and investment funds – have set out on the hunt for young, small firms that have what older and larger ones are missing: digital innovative power.

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