M&A adviser Volker Ruhl joins Saxenhammer

M&A boutique Saxenhammer brings ex-NIBC banker Volker Ruhl on board as a new partner. The new addition is part of a larger growth strategy.

FinanzBusiness / 2021.06.01

Volker Ruhl becomes new partner at M&A boutique Saxenhammer. The M&A advisor comes from the Dutch NIBC Bank, which also lost Jochen Boxheimer and Boris Hippel to the food M&A specialist Squarefield earlier this year.

At NIBC, Ruhl was responsible for the German M&A business for two years, in particular packaging and business services. At NIBC, for example, Ruhl advised the Bavarian owners of Tricor Packaging & Logistics on the sale of the company to Japan’s Rengo. Prior to NIBC, Ruhl worked at Metzler, KPMG and Sal. Oppenheim as an M&A advisor. Boutique owner Christian Saxenhammer expects a lot from his new hire.

Volker Ruhl sees a high demand for M&A advice in the packaging market. “In this market environment, which is dominated by medium-sized companies, many succession issues are are pending. The consolidation of the industry is still in its infancy
consolidation of the industry is still in its infancy, and the demand for investment opportunities Germany is immense,” the economist is quoted as saying. is quoted.

In the future, Ruhl will also be the contact person for Saxenhammer’s Saxenhammer’s clients, as he has a great deal of experience in the discrete company, he has a lot of experience in the discreet accompaniment of succession issues and the development of solutions for shareholder differences. discrepancies.

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