Financial Aspects of a Successful Business Succession

In an article for Creditreform, Christian Saxenhammer points out how important it is to choose the right model for the business succession within the family.

Creditreform / 2019.08.01

The process of handing over or selling one’s own family business is a very complicated process on a legal and personal level. “Most people who sell or hand over their company are very emotional about it,” says Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Director of Saxenhammer & Co.. The transfer of companies within the family can be carried out according to various models such as, new foundation, selling of the shares, donation with anticipated succession or predefined pension payments. Which variant is appropriate in an individual case depends on various factors – the age of the person leaving the company, the chosen pension plan, the family constellation and last but not least, the earnings situation or the development of the respective company.

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